How to find award availability with the World of Hyatt program

The World of Hyatt Loyalty Program is a free loyalty program that offers rewards and benefits for guests who stay at Hyatt hotels. As a member, you’ll earn points on your eligible stays, which can then be redeemed for free nights, room upgrades, dining, and more. Plus, you’ll enjoy perks such as complimentary breakfast, late checkout, and more at participating hotels.

If you have been a member of the World of Hyatt program for a while, then you know that one of the keys to maximizing your rewards is finding award availability for your desired hotels and dates. Here are some tips for finding award availability with the World of Hyatt program:

1. Plan ahead

The sooner you start looking for award availability, the more likely you will find it. Start checking availability for your desired dates and hotels at least 6+ months in advance, and be flexible with your travel dates if necessary.

2. Use the Hyatt website

The easiest way to find award availability is to use the Hyatt website. Simply search for your desired hotel and dates, and the website will show you the available award nights. You can also filter your search by room type, rate, and other criteria to help you find the best option for your needs.

3. Use the Hyatt mobile app

The Hyatt mobile app makes it even easier to find award availability on the go. With the app, you can search for hotels, view available award nights, and even book your stay directly from your phone. Plus, the app provides access to exclusive offers and promotions that can help you save even more on your next stay.

4. Be flexible with your hotel choices

If you’re having trouble finding award availability at your desired Hyatt hotel, try searching for availability at other Hyatt hotels in the same city or region. You may be able to find availability at a hotel that’s not your first choice but still offers a great location and amenities.

5. Consider using Points + Cash

If you’re unable to find award availability at your desired hotel, consider using the points + cash option. This allows you to combine your points with cash to book a stay, so you can still use your rewards even if award availability is limited.

6. Use the MaxMyPoint website to search for award availability

MaxMyPoint is a website that can be used to search for Hyatt award availability. This can be helpful if you are looking to book a stay at a Hyatt hotel using your rewards points and would like to see which dates and locations have availability before making a reservation.

MaxMyPoint website screenshot

7. Use Pay My Way

Sometimes hotels only show award availability based on the number of nights you try to book. Let’s say no matter what months or days of the week you check, you still end up with no availability. This is because some Hyatt hotels only allow you to book an award stay for nine or more days! And that might not be the ideal duration of your stay.

Here is what you can do: try searching for a 9+ day stay within the desired dates with a cash rate, and when choosing a particular room or rate, use the Pay My Way option (if applicable, you will see the Use Pay My Way link under the rate). Further, you can choose to pay with points for the desired dates and with cash for the rest of the stay. Then you can simply call the Hyatt Concierge and cancel the nights you paid with cash and end up with an award-booked stay.

Bottom Line

Overall, finding award availability with the World of Hyatt program requires planning and flexibility. By using tools such as MaxMyPoint and keeping an eye on the points calendar, you can increase your chances of finding the availability you need to book a stay at a Hyatt hotel.

By being proactive and willing to be flexible with your travel dates, you can maximize your rewards and enjoy a fantastic stay at a Hyatt property.

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