Amazing food from around the world

Recently we have realized that we get equally excited about visiting a new place as much as about trying new restaurants and food! I guess this is how we started our “foodie” journey. πŸ˜… What can we say, we just love to eat!

When traveling we love to try local food, if possible, to explore a different cultural atmosphere fully. How do we find a good restaurant? Mostly on Yelp (no matter how trivial it may sound)πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ or sometimes on TripAdvisor. We came to the conclusion that the rating doesn’t usually lie and if something is 2.5 stars, well it’s probably going to end up being 2.5 stars.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants from around the world that we have been lucky to try on our trips.

Las Tablas Colombian Steakhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Oh, that Colombian steakhouse, how we miss you! We had tried a lot from the menu but the platter on the picture above was an absolute winner! It was a Colombian skirt steak with grilled baby octopuses, yuca, and fried plantains on the side. Paired with a house red sangria, this dish was incredibly delicious!

Shepka, Ufa, Russia

This restaurant serves Eastern European food with a contemporary twist. Try your favorite layered salads, chicken noodle soup, and crepes with red caviar. Check out how they “upgraded” the simple dumplings with a squid ink dough.

La Leche, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We loved that restaurant so much that we went there twice during our stay in Puerto Vallarta! La Leche means “milk” in Spanish, and surely the interior design of the restaurant would remind you of that, as everything looked sparkling milk, we mean white!

One of the coolest things about the restaurant is that they change the menu every day, leaving some main dishes and adding something new for you to discover.

Cicciolina Restaurant, Cusco, Peru

Located in an old colonial house on the streets of Cusco, this tapas bar & restaurant has a menu of Italian-inspired dishes with a Peruvian twist! We really liked the duck prosciutto, ceviche (that originates from Peru!), and scallops!

We think that tapas-style (small plates) served food is the best way to enjoy different dishes, as you can order quite a few and then get to share them with your family. We celebrated a birthday there and the dessert did not disappoint.

The Poop Deck, Nassau, Bahamas

If you have ever wondered what Bahamian cuisine is, the answer is – conch! Yes, that was essentially the main ingredient of all the dishes that there were on the island, every single restaurant had a conch on their menu. Conch is a sea snail with chewy white meat that can be eaten raw, deep-fried, or steamed – in a stew, tacos, salads, and more!

We enjoyed the food and the cool location (right by the harbor) of the restaurant called the Poop Deck. Don’t let the name of the restaurant scare you, it actually comes from the French word “la poupe”, and means a stern 🀭!

Caracol, Houston, Texas

We cannot recommend this place enough! If you love seafood as much as we do and happen to be in Houston, you have to try Caracol – an upscale seafood restaurant with a Mexican coastal kitchen and an oyster bar.

The food and service were outstanding! We tried oysters, mussels, prawns, fish, and octopus and topped it off with the perfect tres leches cake!

Chattermark, Seward, Alaska

Visiting Alaska is all about eating fresh local seafood and fish! You can surely often see different variations of Alaskan Cod on the restaurant menus. Our favorite was the cod burger with a juicy fish, tomatoes, lettuce, and a pickle on top (basically a cherry on top, but for burgers) πŸ˜…!

Doraku Sushi, Honolulu, Hawaii

Two words here – fresh sushi! It was really that good! We were happy to find this place with a high-quality fresh fish, that just melted in your mouth!

The Blue Duck Taverne, Washington D.C.

This Michelin-Starred restaurant is located in downtown Washington D.C. We really enjoyed the food and how it was exquisitely presented on a plate, but it wasn’t pretentious at the same time. When you’re at The Blue Duck Tavern, you ought to try the duck, no pun intended, it was really good.

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